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Genelek Sistemas was founded in 1994, and its main activity is the manufacture, supply, commision and after-sales service for preventive maintenance of control, protection and synchronising switchboards, and control of process of thermic recovery swithboards for electric generation plants.

Genelek is also specializing in the control and monitoring systems of processes by computer (SCADA System).

More than 400 installations in which there are controlled more than 800 engines, with the most important:

  * Caterpillar
* Rolls-Royce
* Cummins
* Waukesha
* Guascor
* Deutz,...



Trigeneration or trigen is the simultaneous production of mechanical power (often converted to electricity), heat and cooling from a single heat source such as fuel or solar energy. As with cogeneration, the "waste heat" byproduct that results from power generation is harnessed, thus increasing the overall efficiency of the system.

Trigeneration can also refer to systems involving the production of Electricity, Heat/Cold AND some Product (mainly chemicals)

The residual heat that is obtained is the sum of the produced one for the generation of electricity, more the removed one of the process of refrigeration. With that heat quantity is obtained pluss though to minor temperature, with the disadvantage of which the possible applications of this one heat can be turns reduced.

In the summer epoch, the heat demand goes down considerably, that´s why the heat produced in the equipments of cogeneration can take advantage to generate cold for air conditioned necessarily in this epoch. On this way three types of energy are obtained from a primary energy (natural gas), together with an important economic saving and a good alternative for the environment.

Genelek Sistemas designs, manufacture, supply, and commision for control, protection and synchronism panel of generating groups for trigeneration, as well as process control and regulation pannels  of thermal recovery in the plants of trigeneration.


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