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Genelek Sistemas supplies integral control systems for solar parks. These control systems have solar followers designed for high precision two axis tracking systems, specially adapted for concentration pv panels, heliostats... The control systems controls in open-loop by means of theoretical position calculartion of the Sun both in Azimut and in Altitude (ephemerides) with a precision of 0.01 º. In close-loop there is sun sensor feedback when there are sufficient direct sun radiation, includes autoadjust function of relative position sun sensor and pv tower.

Genelek Sistemas supplies the control and monitoring centralized system for the park, optical fiber communication, GPS comunication(GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM), remote communications, ADSL, GPRS, etc.

Using the configuration and monitoring software for PC SOFTRACK, Genelek Sistemas offers the possibility of PC configuration, where the operator can change the configuration of the andjustment parameters, and to visualize the follow-up of the system controller.

GENELEK SISTEMAS, S.L. Pol. Ind. A.D.U. 21, Plaza Urola s/n 20750 Zumaia, Gipuzkoa;
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