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Tech Support

Genelek Sistemas has a technical support division, in charge of installations maintenance and technical interventions needed for the clients.

Genelek Sistemas has a preventive maintenance service for the installations, in which there are included hot-line telephonically service, in case of breakdown, 48 hours service, periodic reviews and strategic guaranteed supplies stock.

With everything that it entails more availability for the installations, and the satisfaction of the clients.

The support and advice to our clients is a constant in the work of the company. This one is the first step of the final aim: total service to the client.

GENELEK SISTEMAS, S.L. Pol. Ind. A.D.U. 21, Plaza Urola s/n 20750 Zumaia, Gipuzkoa;
GPS: +43 17' 35.14", -2 14' 56.88"

Tel. 943 14 33 11
Fax. 943 14 33 12