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Genelek Sistemas offers control, monitoring and management systems of the plants by  computer, based on  state-of the art SCADA systems.

The SCADA systems (" Supervisory Control and Data Adquisition ") are software systems that allows the connection of a computer with the control PLC of the system.  The transmission of all the information route modem up to the process center of information is possible, allowing the tele-management and tele-manintenace remote.

A comunictation bus topology  shows who must be the comunications between the different PLCs, so that the PLC or "Main" PC can receive information and send  agreements orders  with the control, monitoring and management progrma defined for the plant.

The SCADA system communicates the PC with the PLC or the PLCs of the plant and with other devices (networks analyzerts,protection relays multifunction etc.) endowed with communications.



Genelek Sistemas is Archestra Certified Integrator of Wonderware systems, the highest level of participation in the Wonderware Systems Ingegrator program, which recognizes the mastery of the system integrators constructing products that take advante to the maximun of the technology ArchestrA, specially the Wonderware Industrial Application Server and the Wonderware System Platform.

Wonderware supplies to Genelek Sistemas the necessary tools for develop control systems, with a high value for our clients. Robust, modular and easy managing applications, that they join in a simple way with any platform of programming.

Genelek Sistemas is including in the directory of Wonderware System Integrator Partner, "SIbook Info".

GENELEK SISTEMAS, S.L. Pol. Ind. A.D.U. 21, Plaza Urola s/n 20750 Zumaia, Gipuzkoa;
GPS: +43 17' 35.14", -2 14' 56.88"

Tel. 943 14 33 11
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